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A unique experience at the shore of the huge Bay of Guantánamo

Rooms at Hotel Caimanera

Hotel Caimanera has 17 rooms, grouped in big cabins and bungalows, all of them colored in white color with some tonalities of yellow color, which are truly comfortable, attractively furnished and delicately decorated according to the style of this region; besides, the rooms that are in the second story, have balconies that give a invaluable vision over the first lines of the frontier with the U. S. Naval Base.

Cabins: In the Hotel Caimanera, the cabins are comfortable, roomy, and it had cabins of two story. The room in the ground floor is furnished with fineness, with a mini-bar, very appropriate for a good exchange between members of the family and friends' groups. In the second floor you can find a room with two beds, a confidential bathroom and a balcony of which you can see the pool.

Hotel Caimanera Bungalow

Balcony Rooms with view of Guantanamo Bay US Naval Base

Hotel Caimanera, Twin Room Hall

Hotel Caimanera, Twin Room Hall

Hotel Caimanera, Twin Room

Twin Room

Bungalows: In the Hotel Caimanera is had modern and big bungalows that they offer the opportunity of interact with family and friends. They have a mini-bar, a confidential bathroom. You can relax in the balcony watching the great sack bay, and to enjoy other facilities that this hotel three of star rating offers

Hotel Caimanera, Triple Room

Triple Room

Hotel Caimanera, Triple Room Hall

Villa La Lupe, Suite Room

In the Hotel Caimanera, the rooms have a petty playground with sliding doors and they are near to a refreshing and pleasant swimming-pool.

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